S.B. Group Message


To emerge as a dynamic, progressive, excellent, Recruitments and travelling agent of the country by providing manpower and services to the customers and supporting the attainment of the national goals for socio-economic development.


To stimulate economic growth of the country through consistent expansion by providing diversified manpower and services to all category and to create a sound vibrant travelling system with effective, efficient, and transparent operation and socially acceptable rate of the people.


Strategic objectives of The S.B. International Groups are to strive for achieving Foreign Remittances strength and growth, to improve of its capacity to meet the client's increasing and dynamic Manpower needs in a demanding business environment and to generate reasonable income for the Country People, through increasing profitability, continuing international expansions, and hiring and retaining of qualified personnel. All these are encapsulated into national objective of attainment of prosperity in freedom for all citizens.

Long term fundamentals of the Manpower Business's strategy for achieving its set objectives take account of:

  • Strengthening and maintain the safety and efficiency of the banking system.
  • Continuous Overseas Recruitments in network expansion and thus bringing quality services closer to citizens.
  • Strengthening trust of and partnerships with clients by focusing on the Overseas Recruitment and Travelling’s core values of quality customer service, professionalism, teamwork and integrity.
  • Hiring professionals with a strong knowledge of Manpower business and developing skills and expertise of its employees.
  • Continuous Business and development of up to date and state of the art technology to increase operational efficiency and promote implementation of the best practices in the Manpower Supply and Travelling Sectors.


SERVICE is the statement of our corporate philosophy. It signifies the principles that we stand for and exist by.


Being a Overseas Recruitment means that we have a close relationship with our clients and the sectors in which they operate. We make it our business to understand the particular issues that they face on a day-to-day basis. Our Values include:

  • We espouse open communication, diversity, integrity and teamwork.
  • We think about each other’s welfare.
  • We appraise high performance impact and excellence.
  • We provide all types Manpower and services that do what they say they will and are relevant to our clients' needs.
  • We admit when we have made a mistake and strive hard to put it right.
  • We are customer care centered.
  • We are close to and understand our general clients' needs.
  • We focus on solutions and deliver on our promises.
  • We will deliver value for increasing remittances to supply manpower and traveling services.
  • We will delight our clients.

S.B. Group in not only a Recruitments and Travelling Firm, It is dedicated Corporate Citizens.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) holds one of the very important aspects of S.B. Group. Being one of the corporate citizens of the country, S.B. Group has always promoted social activities. Many activities that do a common good to the society and Country have been undertaken by S.B. Group in the past and this happens as S.B. Group on an ongoing basis.